Unitized Package Sub –Station (USS)

Product ratings:
  • Up to 24 KV and 1600 KVA
  • Available in both indoor/Outdoor Versions
  • Design complies to new IEC 62271-202
  • Compact
  • Aesthetically superior
  • Safe, as the transformer used are dry, Cast resin type
  • Fully Compartmentalized, no accidental access to live parts
  • Transportable & Ready to install
  • Factory built and tested
  • Rust corrosion and weather proof enclosure
  • Independent access for all the compartment for routine maintenance
  • The USS can be placed in the basement or ground floor or on roof top of high rise building
  • USS enclosure design is such that care has been taken to vent out the heat generated in the transformer cubicle.
  • Indoor USS Located at the basement of high-rise building, natural ventilation is more than adequate for cooling.
  • USS can be installed at construction sites, exhibitions, open cast mines as substation, either on truck or skid mounted.

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