Specialized CableWISE Online Testing and CableCURE Services

Major Industries and utilities are facing serious problems of their power cable failure which are laid underground / over head, mainly due to improper laying by the contractor, inherent defect in cable manufacturing, wrong laying methods, different loading patterns. UV effect and water absorption in the insulation from the ground/ atmosphere.

Utilx corporation, USA is the first company to invent online cable testing technology of CableWISE, which can be effectively used for analyzing cable healthiness and cable accessories healthiness online without taking the outage. The services have been extensively used by Industries & Utilities in Europe, USA, East Asian Countries.

Parth with the UtilX team have carried out many projects for Reliance & GACL and tested their power cable network for check healthiness of cables.

UtilX has patented technology called CableCURE for cable restoration and enhancing of life of old aged XLPE Power cables. Special silicon fluid being injected in the cable which enhances the dielectric strength of XLPE Cable day by day. After injection of cables, thereby enhancing the life of cables.

Parth is representing this technology in India and providing CableWISE and CableCURE services for power cables across India.

Major project of CableCURE executed for GSFC, Gujarat where 18 kms of 22KV XLPE, 1000 sq.mm power cable was injected 5 years before, which has already benefited GSFC a lot in achieving highest reliability of their main cable circuit which is carrying 28 MW of power. Many more CableCURE projects executed in India and customers are benefited.

Parth has developed expertise on assessment of the cable network and suggesting & implementing CableCURE. Solution for power cables.

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