Power System Reliability Services

Insulation Enhancement Services

Parth with the support of Raychem Insulation products developed special flashover protection solutions up to 66KV Insulation with the help of heat shrinkable insulating sleeves, Tapes and re-openable shrouds which protects Indoor switchgears as well as outdoor switchgears up to 66KV from accidental short circuits.

Parth has been providing comprehensive flashover protection solutions to major Industries, Refineries, Utilities and OEMs, These solution have benefited our end customers with increase in the reliability of power system.

Thermography Services

Parth motive is to always go into the details of the root cause of the failures of MV/LV Switchgears and also in 33KV, 66KV, 220KV Switchyards where improper joints or inadequate products can lead to hot-spots and in turn breakdown.

Parth has developed skills & resources to carry out Thermography of electrical power system including MV & LV Switchgears. Parth is able to pinpoint the problem area and also offering remedial action to rectify the problem for reliable operation of power system. This helps and customer to do predictive maintenance and reduce breakdowns drastically.

Retrofitting Solutions for LV & MV Switchgear and Protection Relays

Parth is one of the preferred party by end customers and also by OEMs when it comes to do retrofitting of switchgears and also protection relays system.

With complete Engineering knowledge of retrofitting and vast experience of handling MV, LV Switchgears and protection relay in system, Parth is able to offer complete Engineering solution for retrofitting services, thereby increasing reliability of switchgears and protection system.

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